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Theilgaard Law is the home page for Søren Theilgaard Law Firm, organised as a professional corporation.

In collaboration with Magnusson Denmark Advokatpartnerselskab as senior counsel Mr. Søren Theilgaard is in charge of advising on issues within the financial sector. The business incorporates Attorney-at-Law Søren Theilgaard’s professional activities that include:

  • Services as Lawyer within specified areas
  • Legal advisor and consultant
  • Author of books and other legal works
  • Organising and participating in courses and seminars
  • Arbitration panel member

Areas covered

My professional activities reflect the expertise developed through almost 50 years work in various business areas and capacities, especially as:

  • Teaching University students at Copenhagen University, Law School
  • Legal services, admitted to the Supreme Court in Denmark
  • Insurance business
  • Author of Legal Books
  • Seminars and Courses
  • Expert judge and Arbitration judge

Assistance to business

I am happy to assist colleagues and businesses on a case by case basis where an independent opinion may be helpful to assess a legal issue, analyse a specific situation or manage a project within my area of expertise, e.g. review the guidelines of a financial institution or corporate governance rules.

More details of my field of activities are offered under each area.



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