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Theilgaard Law is the home page for Søren Theilgaard Law Firm, organised as a professional corporation. In cooperation with Magnusson Law office, Senior Counsel responsible for services within the financial sector.


The business incorporates Attorney-at-Law Søren Theilgaards professional activities that include:


  • Services as Lawyer within specified areas
  • Legal advisor and consultant
  • Author of books and other legal works
  • Organising and participating in courses and seminars
  • Arbitration panel member


My professional activities reflect the expertise developed through more than 45 years of work in various business areas and capacities, especially as:


Teaching University students

  • Assistant professor of contract law at Copenhagen University Law School.

Legal services

  • Attorney-at-Law engaged by Danish and foreign businesses developing special expertise of international contracts, corporate law, including regulations for quoted companies, Financial Institutions and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Insurance business

  • Chief Legal Officer and Legal Director of International Insurance Companies thereby gaining extensive knowledge of the Financial Business Act (equivalent to the UK Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (as amended)) and accompanying regulations, especially for insurance companies, including Corporate Governance, Compliance, merger rules, rules for assignment of insurance portfolios and cross border insurance business and insurance contracts.

Author of Legal Books

  • Author and co-author of important legal books, especial The Sale of Goods Act, Incoterms 2010® and commentary thereof, Cheque Law, Consumer Protection on conveyance of Real Estate Property and Environmental Liability, Damages and Insurance.

Seminars and Courses

  • Extensive lecturing on Incoterms®, Trade Finance etc., International Contracts, Environmental Liability and Insurance, Insurance Contract Law, Economic Sanctions, Defects in Real Estate Property and the insurance thereof.

Expert judge and Arbitration judge

  • Ad hoc activities as Arbitration Panel Member
  • I am happy to assist colleagues and businesses on a case by case basis where an independent opinion may be helpful to assess a legal issue, analyse a specific situation or manage a project within my area of expertise, e.g. review the guidelines of a financial institution or corporate governance rules.
  • More details of my field of activities are offered under each index button.