My Skills

My professional activities reflect the expertise developed through more than 50 years work in various business areas and capacities, especially as:

  • Teaching Contract Law at the University of Copenhagen Law School
  • Attorney at Law working for Danish and foreign corporations with special expertise in international contractual relationships, corporate issues, including for listed companies and financial businesses and Merges and Acquisitions.

Company law:

Board of Directors business as board member, legal advisor to and secretary for Boards. Execution of corporate decisions, draft of proposals, calls to meetings, minuting of decisions, reporting, drafting corporate documents of any kind. Employee representation on Board of Directors and election of company and group employee representatives.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Legal advisor to Codan for its purchase of Hafnia Insurance and merger with Codan (Insurance 1993). Participation in merger of Carlsberg – Tuborg (Breweries 1972), merger Hafnia – Haand i Haand (Insurance 1974), merger Nye Danske Lloyd (Insurance 1976), Codan’s purchase of Trekroner Insurance (Insurance 2002), purchase AB Lietuvos Draudimas, Lithuania (Insurance 1999) and AAS BALTA Latvia (Insurance 2001), sale of Codan’s Life- and Pension Insurance companies (2004) and BALTA Life, Latvia (2005).

Internal Legal

Head og Legal and Legal Director of international insurance companies offering in depth knowledge of Danish Financial Business Act and ancillary rules, especially for insurance companies. Including Corporate Governance, Compliance, merger rules, transfer of insurance portfolios and cross border insurance business and – insurance contracts as well as general knowledge of similar rules in major jurisdictions.


Insurance business and insurances, primarily non-life general rules.

Financial regulatory

Mainly regarding management, guidelines, compliance, transfer of insurance portfolios. Complaints process, acting as external responsible for the complaints process for financial business.

Listed companies

Participation in Initial Public Offerings, e.g. Kompan A/S (playground equipment) and Brondby Football Club. Quotation of Bonus Shares and Subscription Shares for Codan A/S and managing relations with Copenhagen Stock Exchange for Codan. Similar work for other listed companies belonging to C20 and smaller companies.


Author or co-author to key legal books, especially Commentary to Sale of Goods Act, Incoterms® (translation) and commentary thereto, Cheque Law, Consumer Protection in Real Estate Conveyance and Damages to the Environment, Compensation and Insurance.

Drafting Contracts, including:

  • Joint Venture agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Sale and Purchase contract, general conditions for sale and delivery
  • Licensing and distribution agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Corporate documents, unlimited partnership agreement
  • Non disclosure agreements
  • Management service agreements

Real Estate

Conveyance, legal advice on sale and purchase of real estate property, review of purchase agreement, drafting deed and registration of owner. Remedies in case of defects – insurance against defects.


Extensive areas for seminars, especially on Incoterms® and Trade Finance, International Contracts and Financial Sanctions.

2007 – 2014: Expert Member of the Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen


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